Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Windham Mt and The Gore Beach

Early April weather is always unpredictable, one minute the suns out next moment its raining or sleeting. You might put your coat on and off a dozen times if your outside working. This past weekend was that crazy April weather. We drove thru pouring rain Sat morning heading to Windham Mt. We skied thru out the day to Sun, clouds, rain, snow ,sleet, wind and then Sun and then the whole cycle repeated. Winter was winding down and so was Windham, we skied to about 2 pm when the clouds and wind just hardened the surface too much to enjoy any longer. Our fav runs for the day was the new trail Windfall and the old fav Worldcup (Wedgie). We toured Small town NY on our afternoon ride up route 30 to the Adirondacks and Gore Mt We spent the night at an awesome Lodge and eatery called the Black Lodge. Food and an good heating system are important commodities during a ski trip. Snow pants and gloves and boots from a days skiing need dried for the next days adventure. Fuel for the body is also needed to recover for the next day is also important. The Black Lodge delivered on both. Sunday morning, after a cold windy bitter night, we awoke to a perfect blue sky and temps rising fast. We grabbed some coffee and headed up. Derek got a real good quick tune on his ski, it really helped. We headed out and slowly worked our way up the mountain, skiing in the sun. We warmed up on twister, Showcase and then lapped Chatiemac and then tried out Burnt Ridge. The Quad at Burnt Ridge is the nicest most comfortable lift I have ever rode. Sagamore trail was worth two trips down, we really enjoyed the soft snow. We broke for lunch When Derek replied "Gore is like the Beach today, snow instead of sand". He dropped his snow pants and went out in his shorts. We skied long and hard and finally all too suddenly the rope was up on the Gondi and the day was done. Its been a great season and we are just trying to hold onto to it a little longer.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Skiing on the border in Catamount

This Ski season I finally left the uncommonly good conditions of NEPA and ventured out to the NY- Mass border to ski Catamount for the first time. The weather was sunny and 25 degrees and no wind ,perfect. It's always awesome when you get that first glimpse of the mountain on the drive up. Catamount did not disappoint. We arrived to no crowds and perfect conditions with most all trails opened. We lapped all trails including Catapult ,which they closed for grooming right after we hit it. It was boiler plate to the max and really made us appreciate the conditions of the other steeper trails that were groomed into edgeable snow. Halfway down Catapult we encountered a stranded terrified skier that after a while side slipped it down. You never really hear about Catamount, maybe cause of size, location but if your within a two hr drive give it a try.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rough start to Ski Season

I Have a rough start to my ski season this year. While conditions have been great early season,my dengenerative knee has not responded well to skiing. six days out ,all at Elk mt have been a painfull challenge. Anything but skiing soft groomers has me buckling in pain. Seeing the Orth this week maybe a cortisone shot will do the trick.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Where to next Season

Time marches on, children grow, people change and the world keeps changing. Ten seasons at Big Bear and 218 ski days later we picked up up one last time. Oh we might drop in at BB once in a blue moon in the future, but our days of pass holders there are over. Kids have outgrown the mountain and time to move on is in order. We had some fun days BigBear and this little hill will always be special to us. When we are ever asked were do you come from we always will proudly proclaim"Big Bear PA

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Underrated Mountain More Gore

Woke up 3:30 am packed up headed out 244 miles and 4 hrs later arrived at Gore mountain. What we found was a paradise for skiers with endless possibillties. Started of easy and worked our way to the top. Derek is a little shy when skiing new terrain so we went easy at first. Snow conditions and weather were perfect. Skied hard to 3:00 taking very few pics packed up drove home. Drove 7 hrs to ski 6, was it worth it Oh Yeah cannot wait to get back.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rainy day in Central Ny

Skiers hate to have it rain, but usually means soft snow. Sat was no exception , light rain and soft snow made for a fine day at Greek yesterday. As always such a fun time skiing with Caleb. Injury prevents me from going hard or looking good skiing , but Iam stil out there. Going to the Ortho March 6th. He will prescripe rest and Corto?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo the movie came out the year my passed away ,so the movie will always be special to me. Nemo the storm brought alot of hype to ski community, while it came up short in quantity , quality was awesome and it really helped out the area's ski shoppes and hills. We enjoyed freshies early Sat at the Bear and then on Sunday hit up our Cat favorite Plattekill. Blue bird skies and mininimal wind made for a great day sliding at the Bear. We lapped the screamer until all the snow was smacked down ,then we burned the snow off the Polar Bear. Fun morning Sunday driving up to Platt temps bottomed out at -1 on the mountain still winds and sunshine warmed temps quickly into the mid 20's ,by the time we left temps were above freezing. Conditions were alittle hard in the morn but really fun. Attendance at the mountain seemed to be at an alltime high for any day we have ever skied here.{Platte is the only non BB area I will ski on Holidays)We been here on Presidents day with less people. Scotty (from Alpine Zone forum) and Harvey (NY Ski Blog) are doing a great job in promoting. While waiting at the lift we spied some local critters complaining about the crowd and blaming the promoters,I said "Don't worry March is coming we will once again have the mountains to ourselves!